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Fixing America =  Fixing Its Media

"We can't fix America without fixing the media system ..." "... At its heart .. it is our media system that flattens our debates, distorts our perception, corrupts our language, narrows our alternatives, limits our understanding, even as it massages and entertains our brains, reflecting the commercial and political agenda of those on high.   ... How can you have any kind of democracy if the people are not informed, not being informed, and in fact being under-informed .. by a system that dumbs it down when we need it to smarten us up?" - Danny Schechter ( www.mediachannel.org )

The truth, the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth ..

Restoring America's 'democratic ideal' will require major media reform Political Ploy No 1: The bigger the lie and the more often told, the more likely it will stick. Or, deliberately misinform and muddy the waters, to cloud & confuse issues that would otherwise be seen as straightforward. Ploy No 2: Have opponents shamelessly accused of the crimes that you are really guilty of. Ploy No 3: Forget morality. Do anything to win - power, greed, lies and deception are everything. The lynchpin: Anticipate getting away with it - count on the unquestioning and uncritical compliance of the media. (Truth and factual reporting now interest them little.) - Dropbearito.com

Truth, politics and marketing 

'The influence of marketing shows itself in advertising and commerce, where we would expect to find it, and in politics and war, where its presence should surprise us ... Marketing has no particular concern with the truth ... “  Awareness is the only defence against (this) creeping plague ... (of abuse and manipulation of public language).” - Don Watson, Death sentence: The decay of public language

Rights and responsibilities

"Rights, if they are ever to possess any meaning, are always accompanied by responsibilities ... not only to ourselves, but to others. In a democracy, the responsibility to vote is one of these.  Being a truly informed and active citizen and contributing day to day towards a fair and just society is another. However, time spent on seeking reform of the media, enhancing free speech and diversifying opinion, will ultimately pay off with improvements to all other areas of life - including necessary reform of the political processes and institutions themselves.” Efforts directed at reforming the public media and the ethics and independence of its reporting and journalism, offer the best hope of building and maintaining a truly healthy, accountable and democratic society." - Dropbearito.com